Bibliography: Propaganda (page 66 of 66)

This bibliography is reformatted and customized for the Alternative Facts website. Some of the authors featured on this page include Jeff Orr, and J. Michael Sproule.

Orr, Jeff (1994). "The Valour and the Horror:" A Critical Thinking and Controversial Issue, Canadian Social Studies. Proposes ways in which the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's documentary series, "The Valour and the Horror," can be used to develop students' critical thinking skills. Asserts that the issues of historical accuracy provide excellent opportunities to discuss historiography, the role of the media in society, and human rights during wartime. Descriptors: Armed Forces, Bias, Broadcast Industry, Civil Liberties

Sproule, J. Michael (1987). Whose Ethics in the Classroom? An Historical Survey, Communication Education. Provides an historical survey of efforts by social groups to monitor and influence classroom instruction that treats the ethics of political and social practices, beginning with the rediscovery, after World War I, of the importance of ethical communication practices in democratic politics. Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Censorship, Classroom Communication, Communication Research

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